Fun facts about Giraffes

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Known for their long neck and stains, New York City Opossum Removal have been on the planet for over 20 million years now. The first giraffe was known as the Climacoceras, which resembled a deer like creature and was alive during the early Miocene period, The Climacoceras wasn’t as big as the giraffes today. They actually measured about 1.5 m in height and weight about 100 kg. Today, giraffes step around 15 – 9 feet and can weigh an astonishing 1600 pounds. The”horns” in their heads are known as Ossicones. Females have a tuft of fur atop of their horns, whereas the males horns are bald. The Ossicones are occasionally used in a struggle, but giraffes usually use there long necks or powerful hooves to attack. “Necking” can be done to establish dominance and strength between two males

Giraffes are actually quite timid and can eat about 140 pounds of food a day! They’re herbivores, which means they eat no meat at all. They eat twigs, grass, shrubs and fruit. Their necks make it effortless for them to feast on many twigs and leaves because the neck is 5 feet in length. Their big necks also helps them spot predators from afar. Giraffes have few enemies due to their height and the tiny amount of sleep they get. They sleep around 2 hours each day, making it more difficult for predators to attack. These long-legged animals also run pretty fast, with a rate of up to 30 mph. The spots that run throughout the entire body is used for camouflage and can help them hide away from predators.

The gorgeous look of the giraffe was used in home decor today. Beautiful wooden giraffe carvings have created an exotic look to the house while adorable giraffe bedding was used to make a fun and unique jungle-themed bedroom.

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