Have fun on a budget

No Money Poor Money No Crisis Poverty DebtEverybody wants to get the most bang for their buck; it doesn’t matter how much money they make. Whether you’re looking for an action for yourself, your loved ones, or friends and family, there are loads of pastimes that you get involved in. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune either. In actuality, all you really need is $20, and it could indeed go a long way. Below are some ideas for fun things to do under $20.

Sometimes, museums and planetariums can be expensive, but sometimes they are not. In reality there are usually specific days of the week where you may even luck upon free admission, if not a seriously discounted price. You may have to visit the museum site to discover which days are free or discounted, but it is well worth a look, especially if you enjoy learning about planets or science generally. This one is also a good one for the kids, if you are looking to engage them in something especially mentally stimulating.

Who says you can’t go to the movies for $20 or less? We all know about the megaplex theatres, equipped with all the bells and whistles that we’re accustomed to and love, but if you check your regional Yelp or Yellow Pages you’ll realize that there are cheaper theaters also. By way of example, discounted theatres might offer tickets for as little as $3-$5. Even though the theaters that offer cheap tickets usually show movies that have run at the bigger theaters, they’re still a great option. The best part is that with a price as low as $3, you can take in several movies in one night, providing that you skip the snacks.

Still another option for the children in your life, or perhaps the entire family, is the farmer’s market. One of the best parts about farmer’s markets, aside from the free entry, is that the samples. You get to sample a variety of kinds of tasty, homemade products and there is no commitment to buy anything if you don’t want to. Based on what day you attend there might even be activities lined up for children and/or adults to take part in, making for an all-around amusing moment.

No list of fun things to do under $20 is complete without mentioning being a tourist in your hometown. It’s a surefire way to re-discover (or discover for the first time) everything which makes your hometown the unique place it is. Sightseeing will not cost you something, but you can also sample some of the amazing food trucks that will undoubtedly give you a taste of the hometown cuisine, all within your budget. Or, you may even bring your own food and have a picnic at a local park, to further enjoy the sights.

Having fun does not have to break the bank. Whether you’re looking to spend less money or you’re looking for ways to stretch what money you’ve got, there are methods to find some enjoyment without having to spend a whole lot. Going to the museum, discount theatres, farmer’s markets, and walking tours are all fun things to do under $20.

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