Tortoises make interesting pets

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Tortoises are among the most easily found reptiles that can inspire curiosity and fascination in reptile keepers old and young alike. Whether it’s their slow yet decided nature or their built in defense/house they carry on their backs, tortoises find their way into our homes and hearts. We are going to take a look at the top five tortoises for sale in the marketplace these days and some reason why they are there.

The African Spurred Tortoise

African Spurred tortoises also referred to as sulcate tortoises are one of the most commonly kept pet tortoises. They’re one of the mid to large sized tortoise that are easy to maintain and rather inexpensive to buy. Adult men will get to a very impressive size of fifty to eighty pounds and for keepers that have access to an enclosed parcel of property, they may be a very remarkable pet to have. They are grassland tortoises so a diet of hay and plant together with a combination of ready tortoise food will keep them healthy and happy for ages.

Red foots are among the most exotic looking mid sizes land tortoises due their name sake red scaled legs and mind as well as a nicely colored shell that’s generally black and yellow. They are also among the less expensive tortoises on the market which along with their appearances makes them a highly sought after reptile pet. They originate from the northers parts of South America and live on the borders of forests where they feed a varied diet of greens, fruits, small insects, eggs and carrion. In captivity they can be kept inside in a large tortoise enclosure or stored outside in a shaded parcel of property. Red foot tortoises and their close relatives the yellow footed tortoise are a huge portion of the reptile experience.

The Russian Tortoise

Russian tortoises are among the smallest tortoises found in the wild and live in the arctic low mountain regions of Pakistan all the way through Southeast Asia. These rugged animals can handle a huge array of temperatures and can survive on a steady diet of vegetation, hay and pre blended tortoise food. Due to their ability to handle a harsh climate they can adjust to most indoor locations and acclimate to the humidity also.

The Mediterranean Tortoises

The Mediterranean countries are host to a range of beautifully patterned and small sized pet tortoises. These include Greek tortoises, Herman’s tortoises and Marginated tortoises. These lively little critters have more specific temperature and humidity requirements than the Russian Tortoises but are a lot more appealing and sought after in many ways. The price reflects this and these small sized tortoises are at the next bracket for cost of getting.

The Star Tortoises

Star Tortoises are a little sizes tortoise that get their name from the brightly colored yellow and black shells that are covered with multi-colored star shaped designs. They come in a number of nations such as India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Burma. These stunning animals are highly desired by keepers in the United States as well as china and Japan and it is because of this that they are among the most expensive pet tortoises on the market. For more please contact Wildlife Removal Round Rock TX

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